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Commercial Flooring Melbourne

Commercial Flooring in Melbourne

We believe in providing the best first impression to your business! With more than 20 years of experience, Carpet Technique is one of the trusted names in the commercial flooring field throughout Melbourne and Australia. Whether you’re looking for carpet that goes with the existing design or for some more drastic changes, we have the solution for all your flooring requirements. With our dedicated team of professionals, we are capable to provide expert technical advice, custom made carpet designs, supply and installations of all types of carpets, vinyl flooring and repair and re-stretching carpets for all your commercial facilities.

We Supply Commercial Carpets

Carpet Technique has been a leading supplier of commercial carpets supplies to a wide range of offices, hotels, retail stores, schools, hospitals, social housing, etc… throughout Melbourne.  We not only provide a wide range of carpets that suits your flooring needs, but also have our own line of custom made carpets for the one looking for something unique and specific for their flooring.

Commercial Carpet Tiles in Melbourne

Commercial Carpet Tiles are the great way to keep your carpet looking new and stain free. We at Carpet Technique offer commercial carpet tiles that come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. Our carpet tiles not only add elegance and class in your office, but are also very economical. Commercial carpet floor tiles in Melbourne are the perfect option for the large office space where moving furniture is not an option. Our carpet tiles come with fast and easy installation and replacement, thus replacing worn out or stained tiles instead of the whole carpet save your business lots of money.

Commercial & Industrial Vinyl Plank Flooring

Carpet Technique offers a wide range of commercial vinyl plank flooring in Melbourne specially designed for offices, shops, schools, hospitals, galleries, retail outlets and others. You can give your office a traditional or contemporary look with our wide range of designs and patterns available in Vinyl flooring. Our Vinyl flooring is made of a highly durable material with the minimal maintenance cost. Its slip-resistant property lowers the risk of accidents at the workplace. Our vinyl flooring also has a sound muffling property that lowers the noise levels. Our dedicated team of hardworking and experienced individuals makes us one of the renowned commercial vinyl floor layers in Melbourne. With Carpet Technique, you can be sure that your hard earned money is invested in the right service.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Services

We at Carpet Technique have a non-slip floor solution to suit your every commercial kitchen flooring needs. Whether you are seeking commercial kitchen flooring for your café, restaurant or any other food outlet, with more than two decades of industry experience, Carpet Technique can provide you with seamless finishing, durable and contemporary flooring solutions that can completely transform your space into a unique and elegant edge.

For any of your carpet or industrial flooring requirements, call Carpet Technique at (03) 9510 1597.